Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
302 The Market Anticipation Effect of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program Hongmei Gu, Aijie Jiang, Su-Jane Chen and Tung-Zong Chang View & Download
309 Study of Candlestick Accuracy: An Evaluation of Candlestick Method to help Investor Gain More Wealth Andreas Kiky and Ika Yanuarti View & Download
312 Stock Performance of Social Responsible Companies Tzu-Man Huang* and Sijing Zong View & Download
315 Predicting bankruptcy, using Altman’s ‘Z’ Score: An Empirical Investigation into Indian Pharmaceutical Sector Kusuma Perikala View & Download
316 Dynamic Interactions among Finance, Trade and Growth: An Empirical Investigation into MINT Nations Nithya R, P Janaki Ramudu, and Madhumitha G. Majumder View & Download
317 Gender Diversity on Firm Performance: Evidence from Taiwan’s Banking Industry Ming-Chang Cheng, Chien-Chi Lee, Quynh Nhu Tran Pham and Li-An Chien View & Download
318 Cluster Analysis of Jakarta Islamic Index Stocks Based On Risk Adjusted Return Rizky Aulya Akbar and Jun Ping Huang View & Download
320 Financial Advisory Fees and M&A Performance: US Evidences Chiming Wu and Shao-Ming Syu View & Download