Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
201 A Taylor Rule for the Euro Area: Challenges to the Single Monetary Policy Leef H. Dierks View & Download
206 Explore the Key Factors of Competitive Advantage of Wire Communication Equipment Industry in Taiwan Grace T. R. Lin, Yen-Chun Lee and Jan-Ruei Lin View & Download
210 Information and Communication Technology and Economic Performance in Iran, an Input Output Analysis Saeed Moshiri, Maryam Mastali Parsa and Lila Darougar View & Download
213 A Critical Assessment of ‘A Meme for Money’ written by L. Randall Wray Naba Kumar Adak View & Download
215 Causal Interaction between FDI, Capital Formation, Trade and Economic Growth: Evidence from Dynamic Panel Analysis Meta Ayu Kurniawati View & Download
218 Linkage between Financial Development & Economic Growth in BRICS Countries: An Application of Panel VECM Madhumita Guha Majumder, P Janaki Ramudu and Bhavna Ranjan View & Download
219 Proper Definition of Money is Necessary to Eliminate Business Cycles and Achieve Sustainable Economic Growth Naba Kumar Adak View & Download