Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
409 A Theoretıcal Approach For Publıc Employee's Occupatıonal Ethıc Şükrü Güven, Memiş Karaer and Saadet Akçay View & Download
411 The Evaluation of Effectiveness of Simulators Training Programs by Kirkpatrick Model Surender Kumar, Kirti Arekar and Rinku Jain View & Download
412 WiFi Data Offloading: Winning Business Model Development and Cooperation Analysis Majid Mokhtarnia and Alirzea Amini View & Download
413 Proposing a Maturity Model for the Management of Human Resource Information Renjini Mary Joseph View & Download
414 Effects of Infusing Global IT Components into a MBA Curriculum Quinn Shao View & Download
415 In-Servıce Traınıng Actıvıtıes and Organızatıonal Commıtment Research Emine Vasfiye Korkmaz and Yaşar Korkmaz View & Download
416 Use of Information Technologies in Cultural Heritage Management: The Craeting and Archiving of 3D Model of Historical Hasbey Mesciding with Close Range Photogrammetry Fatih Varol, Ali Ulvi, Murat Yakar and Ahmet Suad TOPRAK View & Download
420 Use of Close Range Photogrammetry Technique in Cultural Heritage Studies: Historic Esrefoglu Mosque Example Ali Ulvi, Fatih Varol, Murat Yakar and Ahmet Suad Toprak View & Download
421 Optimization Models for Electric Power Distribution in Korea Soonhui Lee View & Download
422 Communication Effects about Balance Sheets by Means of Self-Reports Methods Alberto Pezzi, Maurizio Mauri and Luca Petruzzellis View & Download
425 Why Do Firms Go Private? Evidence from LSE Alberto Pezzi View & Download