Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
203 Regional Development Policies Applied in Turkey Memis Karaer, Sukru Guven and Alper Gedik View & Download
204 The Analysis of Inflation Dynamics in Turkey: An Estimated New Keynesian Phillips Curve Bilgin Bari View & Download
205 A Help or a Hindrance?- Marquee Government Agencies and Country Image Gerald Groshek View & Download
207 Public Education Expenditure, Institution Development and Regional Innovations: An Empirical Evidence from China Chenhui Li, Xubei Lian and Zhi Zhang View & Download
211 If Water is an Economic Good, What is the Next Step? Sevilay Küçüksakarya View & Download
214 Reserve Options Mechanism: Does It Support the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey’s Foreign Exchange Reserves and Financial Stability Bengül Gülümser Kaytanci View & Download
215 An Application of Input-Output Analysis in Analyzing Japanese Industrial Sectors: 2000-2011 Ubaidillah Zuhdi View & Download
216 Arbitration in Foreign Investment: A Meeting Point between Investor Interest and Social Progress Maria João Mimoso and Maria do Rosário Anjos View & Download
217 The Most Pressing Problems of Firms: An Empirical Analysis of the Effect on the Export Activity of European SMEs Ana Mol-Gomez-Vazquez, Gines Hernandez-Canovas, Agnieszka Glodowska and Marek Maciejewski View & Download