Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
301 Magnet Effect of Price Limits: Evidence from Bursa Malaysia Imtiaz Mohammad Sifat and Azhar Mohamad View & Download
302 Examine the Corporate Governance Level of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Annie Hin-cheung Ko, Pimtong Tavitiyaman, Ben Kin-fai Wong and Raymond Siu-yeung Chan View & Download
303 How Do Rating Agencies’ Decisions Impact Stock Markets?: A Meta-Analysis Jerome Hubler, Patrice Laroche, Christine Louargant and Jean-Noel Ory View & Download
305 A Dynamic Analysis of Holding Risky Assets among European Countries Thi Hong Phuong Vu, Chu Shiu Li and Chwen Chi Liu View & Download
306 Corporate Social Responsibility and Risk Taking Wenling Lu and Benjamin Yeo View & Download
307 A Market Volatility Analysis of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program Tung-Zong (Donald) Chang, Su-Jane Chen, Hongmei Gu and Aijie Jiang View & Download
313 Does Ownership Matter? An Exploratory Study of Chinese Firms’ Strategic Cognition Juan Zhao View & Download
314 Risk in Infrastructure PPP Projects for the Public Sector Rana Khallaf and Makarand Hastak View & Download
316 Real Estates, Risky Assets and Financial Risk Aversion Thi Hong Phuong Vu, Chu Shiu Li and Kun Li Lin View & Download
317 The Relationship between a Reduction in Defined Benefit Obligations and the Financial Condition of the Firm Eriko Kasaoka View & Download
318 Mutual Fund Ownership and Firms’ Dividend Policies: Evidence from Thailand Surayut Thanapattanaporn and Suparatana Tanthanongsakkun View & Download
319 Market Fundamentals and the Apple Effect: A Herding Puzzle Yi-Chang Chen, Yuwen Yang, Shih-Ming Kuo, Tzu-Yu Lin and Sheng-Hsiung Chiu View & Download