Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
212 Local Demand for Public Goods Revisited Lim, Sangsoo and Kim, Pilhyun View & Download
213 Problems of Government Budgeting Practices: A Case Study of Local Government, Thailand Wimonsiri Musika, Phetphrairin Upping, Sopida Sampattikorn and Tippawan Sirimatr View & Download
214 Activity-based Costing Application for Making Decision of Thoracic Surgical Procedures Antares D’Achille View & Download
216 Effects of Globalization on the Poverty Level Convergence among Asian Countries Yilin Li, Keunyeob Oh, Insoo Han and Lin Zhang View & Download
218 Macro-Economic and Welfare Effects of VAT in GCC countries: General Equilibrium Analysis Disna Sajeewani and Xianming Meng View & Download