Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
304 Theory and Practice of Musharakah Mutanaqisah (MM) in Islamic Home Financing Junaina Muhammad and Mohmad Zaidi Ahmad View & Download
306 The Determinant of Close-to-Open Return Rate in Korea Exchange Gold Market Jae-Seung Baek, Jihun Kim and Myeonghoon Yeom View & Download
308 Limits to arbitrage, investor sentiment, and factor returns in international government bond markets Adam Zaremba View & Download
318 Investment decisions and financial leverage under a potential entry threat Shinsuke Kamoto View & Download
319 Accessibility to Microcredit by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Malaysia Rafiatul Adlin Hj Mohd Ruslan, Christopher Gan and Baiding Hu View & Download