Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
410 Dismantling Social Romanticism for Corporate Social Responsibility Puji Handayati and Sulis Rochayatun View & Download
412 The Role of Causation in the SME Owner-managers' Decision towards Corporate Philanthropy Kishen Tulsidas Adnani, Ng Siew Imm and Gan Bee Ching View & Download
414 The Impact of International Trade on Income Inequality in the United States since 1970’s Andoni Fornio Barusman and M. Yusuf Sulfarano Barusman View & Download
415 Capital Market Perception and Generic Strategy of Nepalese Enterprises Dhundi Raj Bhattarai View & Download
416 Achieving Optimal Safety Inventory Levels for Oil Companies using the CONWIP Approach Laquanda Leaven, Shengbin Wang, Linda Coley and Silvanus Udoka View & Download
423 Network Awareness and Relational Strategic Orientation: Findings from Interviews with Polish Managers Agnieszka Zakrzewska-Bielawska View & Download
427 Exploring Conflict Management and Leadership In Self- Managed Team Zaleha Yazid View & Download
428 Factors Influencing the Perception of Occupational Hazards and Preventive Measures in The Light of Empirical Research Konrad Niziołek View & Download
430 Modelling Of Accidents at Work in Polish Organizations Katarzyna Boczkowska View & Download
433 Risk of Relationship With The Supplier Of New Technologies Iwona Staniec View & Download
434 Strategic HR Roles in Volatile Environment Wanthanee (Tam) Limpaphayom View & Download