Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
305 Equity Market Interconnectedness via Hierarchical Clustering Beenish Bashir and Faheem Aslam View & Download
309 Telecommunications Deregulation and the Motives for Mergers Kevin I. Okoeguale View & Download
312 Idiosyncratic Risk and Returns: The Case for a More Efficient Class of Estimators Mohinder Parkash and Rajeev Singhal View & Download
315 The Impact of Socially Conscious Initiative Announcements on Coffee Company Stock Values Glenn Thomas Smith View & Download
317 A Case-Study of Financial Literacy and wellbeing of Immigrants in Lloydminster Canada Oludamola Durodola View & Download
327 Capital Asset Pricing Model and the Real Options Binomial Lattice Mark Smith, Warren Matthews and Robert Driver View & Download