Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
403 How Emotionally Intelligent Individuals Display High Job Performance? Examining the Mediating Role of Political Skills in Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance Relationship Syeda Shabana Kirmani, Asad Saleem Farooqi and Mahreen Irfan View & Download
404 Perceptions of Inbound Supply Risk in the FMCG Industry in South Africa Fani Jojozi, Laura Neto, Megan Mc Donald and Wesley Niemann View & Download
412 Modeling the Carbon Footprint Cost for Last Mile Delivery in Supply Chains Alfred L. Guiffrida View & Download
417 An Investigation of the Most Preferred Approach to Strategy Development amongst Strategy Professionals Rebaona Letsholo, Brandon Josi and Rupak Naik View & Download