Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
507 The Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Advertising Themes among Middle-Eastern Nationalities Kim-Choy Chung View & Download
512 The NWIMBY Effect (No Wal~Mart in My Backyard): Big Box Stores and Residential Property Values Daniel K.N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker, Nicole Gurley, Alex Stiller-Shulman and Stephen Fischer View & Download
515 The Role of Strategic Market Orientation on Customers Satisfaction at Aviation Sector in Sudan; Lessons from Qatar Air Lines Abdelaal Abdelwadowd Mohamed Hamza Hussein View & Download
516 Logo Design Forlocalcloth Weaving Productsin Mahasarakham Province, Thailand Wichanat Tiwasing and Kevin Hapeshi View & Download
517 Consumers Awareness and Their Purchasing Behavior for Adulterated Foodstuffs: With Reference To Rice Grains in Nepal Sandhya Sapkota and Ram Kumar Phuyal View & Download