Paper No. Paper Title Author/Authors Download Link
201 Can CAMEL Explain Commercial Bank Efficiency?- Evidence from Bangladesh Abdus Samad View & Download
202 The Political Economy of Remittances Flows in Bangladesh Gazi M. Hassan and Shafiqur Rahman View & Download
204 An Alternative Model of Aggregate Production Planning for Cement Company: Solving with Particle Swarm Optimization Sayed Rezwanul Islam, Md. Arifuzzaman and Nokib Parvez View & Download
205 Tourism and Its Command on Economy 2016: Chapter Bangladesh Md. Shahriar Parvez and Md. Shakil View & Download
206 Is Long Rate Decoupling from Short Rate? Revisiting Expectation Hypothesis of Australian Term Structure of Interest Rate Kamrul Hassan and Ariful Hoque View & Download
208 Lucas Paradox and Southern Cone Syndrome with Capital Flows: Evidence from Emerging Economies Debasish Chakraborty View & Download
211 An Empirical Relationship between Government Expenditure and National Income in Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin and Fatema Tul Jannat View & Download
212 The Impact of Electrification on Economic Development towards Bangladesh Economy: An Empirical Analysis Sakib B. Amin and Lamia L. Khandker View & Download
213 Energy Conservation Opportunities in Private Universities of Bangladesh: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Sakib Bin Amin, Muntasir Murshed and Sameena Shahzadi View & Download
214 An Empirical Study on the Effects of International Inflows on Economic Growth and Health Care Development in Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin and Muntasir Murshed View & Download
215 An Empirical Investigation of Remittance, Exchange Rate and Dutch Disease in Bangladesh: An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach Sakib B. Amin and Muntasir Murshed View & Download
216 The Economic Impacts of Foreign Aid on the Female Education in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis Sakib Bin Amin and Maaesha Nuzhat Nazmul View & Download
217 Energy Use-Fertility Rate Nexus in Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation Sakib Bin Amin and Shahtaj Mahmud View & Download
218 Energy Market for Second/Next Generation Biofuel in the Developing Country: A Case Study for Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin, Meem Hasin Chadni, Farhan Khan and Saanjaana Rahman View & Download
220 Does Economic Resilience Enhance Private Investment? Evidence from Panel Data A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman and Nabil Ahmed View & Download
222 Globalization and Export Concentration A. F. M. Ataur Rahman and Chowdhury Nawsheen Farooqui View & Download
223 Interaction between FDI and Other Macro Variables: Some Insights from Bangladeshi Data Nazia Islam and A. F. M. Ataur Rahman View & Download
224 The Linkage between Poverty and Pollution: A Study of Rangamati and Khagrachari Medha Dewan View & Download
225 Korea's ODA for the Development of Inbound Tourism in Bangladesh: A Feasibility Study Ki-Kwan Yoon, Md. Jahid Bin Kashem and Md. Iqbal Bhuyan View & Download
226 Efficient Allocation of Resources in Education Attainment: Some Insights Naveen Abedin and A. F. M. Ataur Rahman View & Download
228 A Tax “Lock-in” Explanation for Significant Negative Issuance Date Returns in Seasoned Equity Offerings (SEOs) M. Emrul Hasan View & Download
230 Forecasting Raw Water Quality Parameters of Padma River by Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Modeling Sonia Akhter, Yeasir Mohammad Akib and Md. Rifath Faisal View & Download
231 Cash Incentives as Subsidies and Export Oriented Industries of Bangladesh: A Critical Evaluation Afsana Arafin View & Download
233 Food Insecurity and Demand Behavior: Snapshot on Chronically Poor People in Rural Bangladesh Kursia Jahan View & Download
234 Pros and Cons of Existing FDI Policy for Setting up FDI-Based Business in Bangladesh Rashid Ahmed Chowdhury, Mohammad Nayeem Abdullah, and Rahat Bari Tooheen View & Download
235 Improvement in Productivity by Developing an Efficient Balanced Line Sonia Akhter*, Md. Abu Bakar Siddique and Mb. Newaz Shorif View & Download
237 Economic Viability of Using State-owned Wetlands as Water Reservoir: A Case Study of Beel Jaleshwar Santa Sarmin and A K M Nazrul Islam View & Download
239 Impact of Performance Marketing on the Business Growth of Mobile Telecom Industry: An Empirical Study Surajit Sarbabidya View & Download
240 Export and its Impact on Exporters MD. Faisal Kabir Dinar View & Download